Having a group of friends around to share experiences with is amazing – it's a chance to bond in the moment. But sometime, having others around is a deterrent from fully immersing yourself in an experience. Here are five reasons why you should go on a yoga retreat solo and really focus on self-love.


Deepen your practice

Friends are distracting and unless you're in an acro class, yoga tends to be a solo activity. Going on a retreat alone allows you to really focus on being mindful in both your asana practice and in life itself. 


Gain a new perspective

We love having our friends and family around, but it's a safety net that can sometime hinder us from being truly honest with ourselves. Spending time on a retreat solo allows you to be open to new ideas without the threat of judgement, whether it's perceived or real.


You make new friends

Sure, you could spend the entire time in silence, but you could also ask questions and open up to the people around you. You're all there to share the same experiences and you'll be surprised by how much you love having these new friends by your side.


Take a break from the every day grind

The constant demands from our families, friends and jobs can get to be overwhelming. Getting away from everything and everyone is like a breath of fresh air. And when you have inhaled, meditated and flowed all that stress away, you're better equipped to get back to the life you realize you actually love.


Get to know yourself better

Doing something for yourself, by yourself is liberating. You gain confidence in your abilities and decision-making skills because you learn that you don't need to answer to someone else – this is all for you!


From August 18–20 you'll be able to focus on your mind, body, and soul at our In The Wild retreat. This is a weekend all about self-love and is the perfect time to spread your wings and fly solo.