Summer is a busy time for everyone and sometimes we forget to prioritize our mental health and well-being in favour of sitting on patios soaking up the warm weather. That's why we have compiled six reasons why going on a yoga retreat is so beneficial, particularly in the summer months.


1. Increase your connection to self

Spending multiple days immersed in yoga and meditation is a great way to kickstart your spirituality and mindfulness.


2. Relax and love yourself more

Being away on a retreat gives your body a chance to re-energize meaning that when you do go home, you’re ready to attack life head-on.


3. Deepen your practice

Normally you #yogaeverydamnday, right? How many of you actually #yogamaybeonceaweek? Immersing yourself at a retreat means going to multiple classes a day, so those hips loosen more than you thought possible and you learn more about the flexibility in your shoulders than a typical 75-minute class allows.


4. Go tech-free

Retreats are an escape, allowing you to unplug and focus on one thing: yourself. It’s easier to breathe deeper and be more present in the moment when your phone isn’t buzzing.


5. Connect to nature

You learn to appreciate the breeze that dries the sweat, the tickle of the grass and the annoyance of the mosquitos, all while discovering that balancing on uneven ground and staring at moving clouds adds an additional challenging element to your practice.


6. Create new habits

Yoga makes you feel awesome and three days surrounded by like-minded individuals can spark a fire to take what you learn home and make it a daily thing. Or at least inspire you to practice yoga a little more often.

Prana In the Wild is August 18-20 and is three days of yoga, meditation and self-love. 

Prana creator Danielle Dixon, and Touch and Release guru Jessica Ecclestone will be leading you through a weekend that’s all about connecting with yourself and nature. Through guided meditation, journaling and group discussions, river walks and outdoor yoga practices, you’ll come away from the retreat rejuvenated, focused and inspired,