Danielle Dixon is an event planner, entrepreneur, yoga instructor, and so much more. We did a quick Q&A about what inspires her as a person, as a yogi, and as the founder of the Prana Yoga Festival.


How long have you been teaching yoga?

Five years


What inspired you to become an instructor?

I think that yoga really helped me find my strength. I never felt stronger than when I was in class, seeing what my body could do. Once I got deeper into my practice, it helped me figure out who I actually am. I was always loud and all over the place and being quiet was really hard for me so when I had to be still, I discovered myself. I wanted to be able to share that with other people.


What studios do you teach at in the city?

HotShop and Heaven’s Fitness.


What music is on your phone right now?

Always David Bowie. And Beyonce.


What kind of music do you play when you teach?

A lot of indie, folk, sometimes hip-hoppy things. 


What’s your favourite yoga pose to teach students and why?

Frog pose because everyone gets uncomfortable and it’s when you get uncomfortable you really start to figure shit out.


What’s your favourite yoga pose and why?

King Pigeon because I’m good at it. I like that it’s a hip opener and a backbend in one.


What pose do you dislike the most?

Warrior I. I find it uncomfortable and awkward, which means I should probably do it more.


What do you think makes a great yoga class, as a teacher?

When people laugh at my jokes because I think I'm hilarious. Also, when someone feels comfortable enough to have an emotional reaction in class.


What do you think makes a great yoga class, as a student?

I like it when yoga doesn't take itself so seriously, so I enjoy having an instructor tell jokes, or mix up sequencing. I also adore adjustments!


How often do you practice yoga?

My physical practice, four times a week, but I practice constantly throughout the day with breathing or mental exercises.


What does ‘connection’ mean to you?

It means connection with other people - when you let your guard down completely and what comes up is allowed to come up. Connection to myself is being in tune with everything, like emotions, feelings and knowing why I'm feeling that way. It's about knowing what I want and don’t want and being honest with myself.


What’s your guilty pleasure?

Ice cream and wine. They aren't always mutually exclusive and I’m never guilty about it.


Join Danielle this August 18–20 at the In The Wild retreat. She will be leading the vinyasa, meditation, and the introspective talks as we spend three days focusing on self love and answering those key questions, Who am I, What do I want, and How do I get it.