Your Yoga Collective is a series of one day yoga festivals taking place throughout 2018. These four events are designed to nourish individual practitioners and community cohesion throughout the seasons. Starting January 20, we clear our hearts and minds and set our intentions for the upcoming year. In spring we meet again to learn from each other on how to engage ourselves and our practice. We will reconvene in fall to reflect on the past few months and direct ourselves forward to finish the year strong. Finally, in winter we celebrate the amazing journey we have have together.

We welcome you to our four events: Intend, Engage, Reflect, and Celebrate. We welcome you to Your Yoga Collective,



INTEND - January 20, 2018

Clear your hearts and minds and set your intentions for 2018 under the guidance of Ally Bogard, Christine Price Clark, Tanis Fishman, Pooja Tolani, Lisa Whitford, and Kristen Beaulieu, all alongside the music of Sundari. Spend your day practicing yoga, yoga nidra, meditation, restorative and seniors & limited-mobility options. Also available is a marketplace featuring unique yogi-approved items.


ENGAGE - Spring 2018

Reconnect with other yogis and learn how to re-engage with your practice and yourself.

More information to come soon.


REFLECT - Fall 2018

Look back on the past few months and direct yourself to finishing the year strong.

More information to come soon.


CELEBRATE - Winter 2018

Celebrate the amazing journey you have had.

More information to come soon.



If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@pranayogafest.com.



Danielle + The Prana Yoga Festival Team