past events

Your Yoga Collective: ENGAGE

MAY 5, 2018

The second of the four Your Yoga Collective events came together in May as we went back to school yogi-style to engage our bodies, spirits, or minds. In continuing with a tradition started with INTEND, Pooja Tolani opened the day with a traditional puja ceremony, from there people were able to choose from nine classes themed to either focus on either asana & movement, mantra & philosophy, or professional development. In addition to choosing three of these classes, there were two 'assembly' yoga classes opening and closing the day.

Your Yoga Collective: INTEND

January 20, 2018

INTEND was the first of four Your Yoga Collective events designed to nourish practitioners through the season. It was a day focused on clearing our hearts and minds and preparing us to set our goals and intentions for the new year. Pooja Tolani set the tone with a traditional Puja Ceremony and from there we had practices guided by Ally Bogard and Christine Price Clark, yoga nidra with Tanis Fishman, and live music and mantra from Sundari. Each guest in attendance had access to a curated market with unique yogi-approved products and left with a special gift to help them sow their dreams in 2018.

Prana In The Wild

August 18-20, 2017

Connection was the theme of this three day, two night retreat. Prana creator Danielle Dixon, and Touch and Release guru Jessica Ecclestone led 22 beautiful individuals through a weekend of guided meditation, journaling and group discussions, walks and outdoor yoga practices,

Prana Yoga Festival

March 17–19, 2017

Hosted at the Chinese Cultural Centre, over 400 attendees spent three days together in Calgary's first-ever yoga festival. There were over 85 classes to choose from, including meditation, nutrition, and dance, eight varieties of yoga, and workshops (like mala-making). To top it off, there was a marketplace where you could peruse yogi apparel, get a massage, taste some food and learn about a couple studios in the city. 

View the inaugural schedule, including lineup of instructors and speakers. 

See photos from all three days at the Chinese Cultural Centre

BREWGA - PYF Takeover

February 28, 2017

We flowed in a gentle yoga class led by Jennifer Teasdale and grooved to the musical accompaniment of DJ Sabo Farte. To close the class, Tanya Ryan played her acoustic guitar and sang in that heavenly voice of hers. Afterwards, we headed back to the bar then let the beer flow!


Pre-Festival Party & Schedule Launch

January 26, 2017

Hosted at Prema Health, Jackie Dumaine kicked the evening off by sharing her knowledge of the yamas and niyamas. Following this, Alice Hong led a beautiful, strong class to help celebrate the inaugural PYF schedule launch. The room smelled amazing courtesy of Young Living Essential Oils and afterwards, we celebrated with snacks from TrueBuch and Nourish Bakery.